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Are you looking for Exhaust for your vehicle?

An automotive exhaust serves numerous purposes starting from guaranteeing the best possible fuel economy to reducing carbon emissions. But to ensure they remain in proper working condition; you must arrange for professional exhaust services from a reliable garage.

Tired of searching for “exhaust repairs near me?

Consider dropping by Knights Autos for essential car exhaust repair and replacement services Wimborne. We conduct all the replacement works using OEM exhaust parts which elevates our service quality. Additionally, we are always taking our client’s budget into account and thus consult with you regarding our plan before proceeding.

Symptoms Indicating The Need For Exhaust Repair/Replacement Wimborne

Multiple symptoms can arise indicating the need for exhaust services. Some of them include:

  • Check-engine light repeatedly showing on the dashboard
  • Fumes inside the vehicle’s cabin
  • Loud noise while starting the engine
  • Reduced fuel efficiency, etc.

These signs are very evident that your vehicle requires an exhaust inspection without further delay. Delaying the procedure can result in more severe damage and costly repairs/replacements.

Why Choose Us For Exhaust Repair And Replacement Wimborne?

Many advantages are there when you select us for exhaust services. We are focused on keeping your costs down without compromising on the finish quality. Also, our mechanics are well-versed with all vehicle models.

If you have any questions, please come to see us at our workshop, call us on 01202 877727 or send us an email at

Worried about legal stuff?

We are VOSA-certified and thus thoroughly conduct safety checks to assess the roadworthiness of your vehicle. Accordingly, our technicians share with you some advisory terms that help secure the longevity of the exhaust and other vital automotive components.

When Do We Suggest An Exhaust Replacement?

Our in-house team does not suggest costly replacements unless it is strictly necessary. Under normal circumstances, you may need to change your vehicle’s exhaust when:

  • The unusual noises from the engine do not tend to lessen even after a repair.
  • There are visible rust, holes, and other damage.
  • Loud knocking or roaring sounds.

Please note:

Even if there are no issues apparent, most vehicle manufacturers recommend checking/servicing the exhaust system every 10,000 miles.

Our team always checks the complete exhaust system. If any problems are found, our experts will always explain what needs to be done and give an idea of the costs, so customers can make an informed decision.

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