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Are you looking for Wheel Alignment for your vehicle?

Are you noticing rapid tyre wear? Visit us - Knights Autos, for a comprehensive wheel alignment Wimborne. This way, you can avoid an untimely tyre replacement.

Ignoring the signs may also disrupt your car handling efficiency and can lead to safety hazards.

Knights Autos is a reliable name for professional wheel alignment services Wimborne and nearby areas. We use state-of-the-art tools and technology to detect the angular displacement in your vehicle's wheels. In addition, our technicians are highly efficient in correcting misaligned wheels per the manufacturer's recommendations.

When Should You Opt For Wheel Alignment Checks?

After every 5,000 or 6,000 miles, a routine wheel alignment check ensures a safe and comfortable driving experience. However, apart from uneven tyre wear, if you notice any of the following symptoms while driving, it is advisable to book us for a wheel alignment check before the recommended time:

  • A sudden drop in your vehicle's fuel economy.
  • Your vehicle will pull in one direction even when trying to drive straight.
  • A "crooked" steering wheel also indicates misaligned wheels.
  • Your vehicle will show signs of braking inefficiency.

Upon noticing any of these symptoms, you should visit us for a wheel alignment Wimborne. We use advanced techniques to detect the deviation in your vehicle's wheels' camber, caster, and toe angles.

What do these angles denote?

Camber: When you view your car from the front, the wheel angle's inward (negative) or outward (positive) tilt is camber.

Caster: When you see the angle between your vehicle's wheels and steering axis from a side, that is the caster angle. If you find the steering axis tilted towards the driver, it is called a positive caster and vice versa.

Toe: It is the bird's eye view of your car's wheel angle. An inward tilt of tyres towards the axis is called toe-in, and an outward tilt is called toe-out.

After checking these angles, we follow the manufacturer's specifications and align the wheel angles accurately.

What Causes Wheel Misalignment?

Here are some of the factors that can lead to misaligned car wheels:

Worn-out Parts

Damaged wheel bearings, faulty suspension springs, etc., lead to misaligned wheels. In an older vehicle, wear and tear might also contribute to alignment issues.

Sudden Impacts

Misalignment can also happen due to the sudden impact when driving over a pothole or speed bumper, hitting a curb, or after an accident. Since avoiding such situations is not always possible, you should look for a dependable garage like ours for top wheel alignment Wimborne.

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